Wednesday, September 4, 2013

He's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spine Nation:

TSB is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come here, just a little bit closer to the camera on your MacBook Air.............just a little bit closer...........come on, I can see you...........I know, I missed the missed the analysis.......but most of all you missed TSB.  Don't believe it?  I'll send you a copies of the emails.  So where has TSB been? 

After a much needed break from the show, it almost feels like the first day of school!!!! (Just Kidding)  It's almost surge like. TSB has just completed his first movie on Spine in the Middle East.  The story revolves around an American executive (ahem) who goes to work for a Middle Eastern despot and is tortured by his lies and deceitfulness, only to find out that freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, nothing don't mean nothing honey, if it ain't free, and feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues.  Yes, fellow bloggers, TSB has been away so what's new in Spine?

  • Nothing?
  • POD's still Exist?
  • Is Closet spine still in business?
  • The DOJ investigating the Distributor's Role as intermediary in buying surgeons business?
  • Neurosurgeons being sued for misuse of product? No way!
  • Blackstone resurfaced?
  • Shareholders suing Nuvasive?
  • Is the Choice still yours? 
  • Are the V Brothers still in spine?
  • Carragee must resign?  That was funny.
  • OTW winning the MORE is less award for journalistic excellence?
  • Is Orthoworld still in business? 

Over the next few weeks TSB will be launching a new website, which will cover much more than spine with a new cast of characters.  So stay tuned, stay in touch, and let us know what you know. The fun is about to begin.  Many thanks go out to those loyal readers and followers, and thanks for the  paid vacation, it was well worth it.