Monday, March 2, 2009

Distributors Getting Stiffed, Is this a new trend?

Recently, Spineblogger has heard that some smaller companies are or have "stiffed" distributors from their commissions.   Specifically, the companies mentioned have been Spine Wave, Vertebron and Custom Spine.  If there is any truth to what is being reported, do any of these companies have any integrity, and can they be held legally accountable for violating the terms of their distribution agreements?  In addition to distributors, it has also been reported that Vertebron has also "stiffed" suppliers.  Spineblogger's observations are that this type of business practice is uncalled for, and that distributors looking for product lines should BOYCOTT the aforementioned companies.  Spineblogger wants to know what you know and what do you think of the new standard that is being established within the industry?

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