Friday, May 29, 2009

The Odd Couple

Senator Grassley and Dr. Jeffrey Wang are embroiled in a tete-a-tete. Grassley is accusing Dr. Wang of obfuscating the truth about his compensation from a trio of companies. Of course, Medtronic as usual, is in the thick of things. Rather than comment on Dr.Wang's improprieties, the Spineblogger is more interested in discussing Senator Grassley (Rep). Why is the Senior Senator from Iowa spending so much time and taxpayer money on chasing small potatoes when there are bigger fish to fry? When the District Court in Boston unsealed a "qui tam" suit against Blackstone and the infamous Lyons Brothers, most of the industry felt that this would be the beginning of the end of sham consulting agreements between physicians and companies. Yes those consulting agreements really do exist. So why is Senator Grassley playing games when he should be riding the hide of the Department of Justice and the FBI for opening this can of worms and failing to act upon their investigation. Why is the government so enthusiastic about putting honest and hard working people's careers and livelihood at jeopardy? I believe that those individuals behind this suit have every right to have their day in court. Unfortunately, the spineless DOJ cannot get its act together. The recent monitoring by the former head of the DOJ in New Jersey was a sham. Chris Christie handed out a questionable position with compensation to an old ally of his, John Ashcroft. So as usual we sit on the side lines and must ask Senator Grassley; "Where's the Beef?" The SpineBlogger wants to know what you think!

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