Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is it Fact or Fiction?

Recently the Spine Blogger was reading some of the other spine and industry related web and blog sites when I stumbled upon an expose about an individual that was hired by an early growth stage company. Upon reading this expose, the Spine Blogger decided to perform a bit of due diligence on some of the comments that were made by this individual to the interviewer on the company and its management team.

So the Spine Blogger decided to make a series of phone calls to perform some due diligence on this organization and its management team. The question that we asked was, what is so special about this company and its management team? What perplexed the Spine Blogger was the comment that something special was about to happen at this company. First we asked questions about this companies longevity. Supposedly it has been around for five years. In addition, the Spine Blogger was told that this company has been attempting to raise capital for at least a minimum of three to four years . The word within the industry was that this company was supposed to be sold last year. Unfortunately these Captains of Industry failed to raise the necessary capital, eventually disrupting the company's overall operations. In addition we were told that 95% of the company's revenue stream is coming from its surgeon investors. What perplexed the SpineBlogger the most was the comment made by the interviewee that the executives at this company were portrayed as innovators even making comparisons to sports legends. Upon looking at the website, most innovators do not design more "me too" products. How innovative can a companies portfolio be when they failed to raise capital during a time when most private equity firms and investors were willing to pump capital into the industry? Maybe it's time that some of these platforms do their homework rather than write more propaganda about individuals and their companies. Remember there is a fine line between fact and fiction. The Spine Blogger wants to know what it's readers think?


  1. That story sounds familiar. I bet it has been repeated throughout the industry.
    On another note, will there be any Musculoskeletal Man action are my hero.

  2. Mike: Musculoskeletal Man is currently negotiating with Marvel Comics. The Action Figures will be coming to your market soon. We are waiting for the acquisition of FAO Schwartz by Toys R Us to be finalized