Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stryker and The Viscogliosi Brothers: What Strange Bed Fellows

Hollywood has had its unusual set of bed fellows.  Clark Gabel with Vivien Leigh, Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, and Lana Turner.  For those bloggers under the age of 35, this would be the equivalent of Brad Pitt with Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angie.  But Steve MacMillan and Tony Viscogliosi?  No fellow bloggers this is probably more like a Gabel movie.  Could it be Run Silent Run Deep?  Not on your life.  Could it be It Happened One Night?  Possibly.  Yet, it probably is more like The Misfits.

The word on the Street is that something is in the works between the Almighty Stryker (always say that with reverence) and the Viscogliosi Brothers.  Stryker it seems, is looking to cell off OP-1, you know the bone morphogenic substance that they acquired from Creative Biomaterials that turned into Curis for $220 million dollars a few dog years ago.   I guess Stryker has learned that it is easier to sell hardware than it is to sell pharmaceuticals.  Supposedly, Stryker is looking to sell their manufacturing facilities and V3 will take over the company with Stryker continuing as a minority partner.  So in all likelihood, V1 (Tony) will probably be on the road to Malaysia to attempt to raise more capital.  Has this guy ever used money of his own to acquire anything?   If there's any truth to the rumor, you know what TSB says, what strange bedfellows they are?  TSB wants to know what you think?


  1. This is no rumor...plans have been in motion for months. Announcement to follow.

    BTW MM, did you not heed your own advice and resist NASS attendance?

  2. Spine Seller:

    TSB always keeps his word. No NASS, but there are a few TSB sources walking around and reporting in real time. Have fun

  3. MM, how about a thread on the death of NASS? Crappy attendance, all of the presenters are bought and paid for and no new toys to show.

    I attended the panel discussion on image guidance and 5 of the 6 panelists were consultants for Medtronic. And there was nothing new presented that wasn't presented the last 2 years.

    Also, somebody needs to finally call BS on Medtronic trying to charge higher prices because they spend so much on R and D. Their big product launches during NASS: a curette for kyphoplasty and posted Vertex screws. I guess all of the R and D is going to the cardiac side. The sad thing is, they all think they are losing market share to "ankle biters" due to consultant agreements, I think they are just getting their asses trucked, particularly since they own the consultancy market.

    Good bye NASS, you got my $575 for the last time!

  4. NASS is a total joke. They are trying to legitimize the meeting and the science presented by asking the Doc's to disclose their financial ties to the companies. Please!!! Some or many of the Doc's just lie about their financial ties to companies or at least to what level of financial involvement and some just forget to mention that they have any ties at all. Example: John McClellan didn't mention that he sits on the Board of Custom Spine and owns stock in the company and in fact was one of the seed investors. I guess maybe it just slipped his mind. This is probably because the seed investors have been greater than 90% of the revenue, with few exceptions, since the company started and they will probably always be. He is one of the many that haven't been honest about their ties to the companies. Why try to look like an honest Doc if you are going to lie? Just don't bother at all. I would appreciate that more because at least you didn't lie. Quite frankly, I couldn't give one sh*t if a Doc is a consultant, stock owner (so that is why he uses the product) or any other reason that he uses a product. It is going to happen and we can't stop it until the feds grow a pair and spell out what is right and what is wrong and prosecute some sacrificial lambs to prove they are serious. What bothers me more is to know that a person is a liar which is the worst crime of all. How or when do you trust a liar? When is a liar not a liar? Does anyone know? No! If you are a patient can you believe your diagnosis and recommendation for surgery. Is it really true that a liar is really trying to help the patient by taking them to surgery or is there a hidden financial motive? Can you say " I love my Benz"? Please don't think that I am picking on McClellan alone because he is one of many and I mean many.

  5. Just look at the rates of surgery here as compared to anywhere else in the world and the answer to the question as to why a patient is recommended surgery is clear: 40% because they need it and 60% because of the Benz.

  6. Good move for Stryker and VBs. Bad move for the malaysians or whoever is supplying the funding.

  7. When the Malaysian find out that their money is being spent on Cohiba's and Cristal someone should get an ass kicking


  9. Looks like avoiding NASS is GOOD for business!
    WSJ Article: Go Synthes. Putting money into research and training instead of overpriced NASS booth.