Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eureka, I've Found It!!!!!!

The definition of amnesia is that it is a condition whereas one's memory is lost or disturbed.  Functional causes have been identified as psychological factors and it may be influenced by spontaneous episodes.  On January 19th, 2011 it was reported by the San Diego Union Tribune that William Taylor, M.D., a UCSD professor and neurosurgeon had been fined $12,000, by the State of California's Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to report his economic ties to a company that was funding his research project.

It seems that Dr. Taylor forgot to inform and disclose that NuVasive (surprise, surprise, surprise) was providing funding for his research projects. Considering that Dr. Taylor did not intend on keeping this information from the public, could his pre-existing memories have been lost to conscious recollection?  In order to rectify this conflict, Dr. Taylor discontinued his participation in two projects.  But the bigger question that must be asked is whether there is something in the water in California that makes certain surgeons forget the details?  I mean having Dr. Taylor forget to disclose that NuVasive was providing funding for his projects would be like Cher forgetting that she was ever married to Sonny, that Siskel never worked with Ebert, that Penn never performed magic with Teller.  So the question must be asked, does anyone in this industry have any ethics or integrity?


  1. I wonder if he also forgot that he performed an XLIF on The Big Russian??

  2. Same S&!t,, Different day.

  3. I forget how old I am all the time

  4. Perhaps, due to his level of involvement w/ the company, he actually considered himself an employee of Nuvasive & therefore didn't deem it necessary to disclose anything??

    Isn't UCSD owned by Nuvasive? Isn't that where the CEO had his XLIF?

    I'm just sayin',,

  5. It could be the Mexican water near by.

  6. I plan on getting out of this corrupt $*ithole of an industry and getting into something more respectable like child porn. At least I'll get to see my kids again.

  7. Not sure which is more of a sham:

    - College Athletes continuing to deny that they're being paid by boosters & agents,, (Ex. Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, etc,,)

    - So many in this industry continuing to just turn a blind eye to all of the corruption.

    NCAA = Advamed

    Laughing,,, Both are a TOTAL joke.

  8. Ethics or integrity in spine....seems to be a lost art in this business. Question posed is will this issue uncover other docs in CA that are getting paid by companies who aren't disclosing? California is broke, great way to make a little extra cheddar. Would that type of transparency level the playing field? Restore some ethics? Sombody call Chuck G!

  9. A few years back, the University of Iowa was nailed after one of the Surgeon Profs was found banking some comfortable coin from Depuy knees and such, while the national news was making that parallel between college atheletes and coaches. Amazing how most of these guys take a dip in the waters. Another news story recently talked about reimbursement being denied by Minnesota insurance companies. Could that be backlash from the WSJ article about the Twin Cities Spine docs? They may have created this problem with their own greed, while taking away the pathway for a patient to undergo needed surgical treatment. Fall of Rome boys (and girls.) Who will be playing the fiddle while we watch it burn? And 6:37, try using midgets instead.

  10. Does the DOJ have any balls, where is Chuck Grassley. We are beginning to treat the medical device industry like Wall Street, it's okay to steal, cheat and lie. Maybe its time that some people get a good old ass whooping. Can we get any slimier?

  11. Well, the physician owned distributorship model is about as corrupt as you can get and the government doesnt investigate, really?? But then again, the government isnt competent in anything they do, so the beat continues. Wasnt there a surgeon in ca promoting how great the pod was and such big savings?? What happens if another company comes in at lower costs?? Im sure he would switch to that one since he is interested about the costs and patient care first and foremost. Blahaha

  12. This story has been taken completely out of context. TSB, you should be ashamed.

  13. Just finished reading the article on the SDUT website, explain how the story was taken out of context, outside of the amusing comments about amnesia the rest of it was from the newspaper. Question, for 10:27 how does one of Lukianov's consultants forget that he was being funded by Nuvasive? It's as absurd as other surgeons forgetting that they were getting paid by Medtronic to testify, or, failing to report to the university that they were paid by a company in violation of their employment agreement. The only corrective action that needs to take place is that the DOJ needs to start throwing some of these people into the gulag. But then, we condone and applaud this type of behavior until then the beat goes on.

  14. Didn't the article report that Taylor has taught workshops on behalf of the company and was a consultant regarding product development? Maybe the only party that should be ashamed is Dr. Taylor. Amnesia is too light of a word.

  15. 10:27 Just an FYI Here is Regulation 18755 read it and weep

    In compliance with Regulation 18755, the University of California established a policy,
    as part of its conflict of interest code, regarding disclosure and disqualification related to
    academic decisions. The “University Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests in Private
    Sponsors of Research” provides in part:

    “A principal investigator must disclose whether or not he or
    she has a direct or indirect financial interest in the sponsor of research
    which is funded in whole or in part, (a) through a contract or grant
    with a non-governmental entity or (b) by a gift from a non-
    governmental entity which is earmarked by the donor for a specific
    research project or specific principal investigator.

    Disclosure statements (Form 700U) must be filed (a) before
    final acceptance of such contract, grant, or gift; (b) when funding is
    renewed; and (c) within 90 days after expiration in the case of a
    contract or grant, or after funds have been completely expended in the
    case of a gift. The Statements will be open to public inspection.
    When disclosure indicates that a financial interest exists, an
    independent substantive review of the disclosure statement and the
    research project must take place prior to acceptance of the contract,
    grant or gift.”

  16. The Spine industry really is a joke in California. Shady PODs like PDP SPINE are rampant and not going away so long as the surgeons don't get any heat, and so far there is no heat. Compnies such as Nuvasive dance all over rules, while certain hospital administrators and/or surgical coordinators keep a hand out just in case something nice falls into it (see Nuva).

    Other than that, I really like working in Spine.

  17. 8:07 AM
    Tell us about the things you like about the industry...Everyone else is just complaining.

  18. go to the ATEC booth and ask for the "hammer" see who comes over...

  19. On a side note....What is everyone hearing about Baxter cutting all distributor agreements and going direct? Are some distributors going to be left in place or no? I'm hearing mixed information on this.

  20. distributor agreements with apatech

  21. 8:24 Does it ryme with gin? LOL what a douch.

  22. What a sad commentary on the spine industry. I have known Dr Taylor for about 10 years and have always respected him, and still do. I dont think that he was trying to hide anything or act maliciously. I do think that as the DOJ and others look at the industry more closely there are going to be more and more of these kinds of reports coming out. The industry has changed quite a bit from when I first got involved about 12 years ago, but still has a long way to come. I think that there are many comments here from some folks that are probably slinging mud, when they may want to look at some of the ways in which they have done business in the past. Granted this business hasnt always been clean, and it is time things are done ethically and morally. And no, im in now way associated with Nuvasive, actually they are one of my competitors. I think industry as a whole needs to look at how they conduct business.

  23. 9:30

    Agree, but since you were in the thick of it for 12 years I'm positive your covered in mud or at least splatters. It's very much like MDT hiding behind AdvaMed and telling everyone else how they should behave now that they are apparently clean. Although the skeletons are so vast in their closet it looks like the aftermath of the battle of Stalingrad.
    So your blind respect for Dr. Taylor tells me that you are willing to overlook a lot and to sit high and mighty pointing your finger at others is so sanctimonious.
    However, I do believe you believe that your lack of involvement or passive acceptance of behavior absolves you of any wrong doing.
    You now can sleep well at night.

  24. On the contrary, if you think I sit high and mighty as you say, you miss read what I am saying. I dont point fingers at anyone and I do sleep well at night, thank you very much. As I said, just as you commented, this business was once, buy your surgeon this or that, take him on a golf vacation etc. That was accepted, and now, finally that is no longer an accepted way to conduct business.

  25. Having advised "consulting surgeons" with whom I've worked with over the years in product development and research projects to be completely forthcoming in their disclosures, I'm always surprised at their seeming reluctance to do so. It does show that there is an underlying professional reluctance to admit to anyone and everyone that you're working with industry, as if we're some sort of guilty pleasure, or that it will turn off other professional or other opportunities.

    Quite frankly, I've always seen it the other way around, and I think others both within and outside the profession do as well. If a surgeon is forthcoming with the nature of any relationships they have, it suggests they are comfortable that there's nothing improper about it. Conversely, nothing says "I've got something to hide" like hiding something.

  26. What about the new "transparency" provisions in ObamaCare? Won't those requirements, when fully operational, make it much easier for ANYONE to see who's getting paid what? I believe there are criminal penalties for incorrect reporting, so the companies will HAVE to post on a public web site ALL of their financial relationships with doctors. This will certainly shed light on these relationships... but will they change old habits and business as usual? We'll see!

  27. It'll have to be accomplished in another fashion since ObamScare will hopefully shrivel up and die much like his first term.

  28. has anyone noticed all the medtronic reps running away from the mothership? what gives!

  29. Here's my issue with the topic at hand (i.e. questionable business motives and practices) - what's honestly going to bring an end to this? Like or not, this industry has set a precedent (pay to play) with many (maybe most) surgeons. It's much more difficult to take away an incentive once it's been introduced. A brief overview of capitalism proves this to be true; people who want to find a way to make more money by any means possible usually do. Greed is creative.

    I find it highly unlikely that - even if a few docs go away in orange jumpsuits and get a bad name - the industry will clean up any time soon, especially with declining reimbursements.

    The real X factor here is if the price for these implants continues to fall. If so, there will come a time when many companies will die and the remainders will re-shape their strategy and pull the plug on any "unnecessary spending."

    I think we're in it for the longhaul folks,

  30. Lets start calling out shady surgeons in our respective areas. You first!


  32. Actually Holder and Co just rounded up the biggest bunch ever:

    We'll see what happens.

  33. The real story is that his rep (C.N.) is blowing him on a sail boat on the afternoons...

    What a pig.

    Plus, he thinks he is a "cool dude" surfer... Probably did forget since he also "sparks it up" with his fairy DePuy rep all the time, too.

    Reap the wind, jerk!

    1. Hi, i am a victim of Dr. Taylor's bad medicine. my email is He has caused me to be in severe pain for several years. I have a lawyer that needs to find a connection between Dr. Taylor and Synthes. Karma bites, please contact me. I promise to keep your name confidential The University has it's big hired guns and without this information my lawyer wants out. It seems UCSD spares no expense in defending its doctors. Please contact me with any infor. or he will get away with destroying more then my life. I am always in pain. I want to stop him from hurting other people. please contact me i hope you will help me
      Thank you.

  34. Why would Dr. Taylor just not disclose his relationship? I'm aware I'm being naive but docs have big agreements and disclose them. What did he have to lose? Was there not fair market value paid? Or is there something else?

    No speculators please...only folks who know.

  35. 2:24 - seem to know a lot about Yielding and Chan. How did they get caught while no one else seems to?