Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Executive Search Firms: Are they doing their jobs?

Recently, Spineblogger spoke with a few unemployed industry veterans that expressed their displeasure with the poor quality of representation by executive search firms in the industry.  The number one complaint was how unprofessional these people are in following up and identifying potential opportunities within the marketplace.  Spineblogger assured them that most firms do not represent the candidate, they represent the company that butters their bread.  The unemployed are a commodity product.  Most of these veterans understood that, yet, their complaint was lack of follow-up and helping the potential candidate prepare for the interview.  Spineblogger wants to know what you think and who are the companies that do a great job and a poor job?  Want to post a job?  It's your blogsite!


  1. If they could do the job themselves, they would not be recruiters.

  2. My name is Josh Sandberg and I am a partner at The De Angelis Group. I have worked in this industry for more than 5 years now and have seen dramatic changes in the industry. Our firm works specifically with Musculoskeletal Start-ups.

    There are many different types of recruiters out there. Some are all about the transaction of making a placement. If the recruiter you are working with represents this style, you are more than likely going to be disappointed. They often times will misrepresent opportunities as well as candidates abilities simply to "get the fee".

    I am proud of the approach that our firm takes and have a lot of references from satisfied clients and candidates that I provide early in the process. We take a relationship approach because we take great pride in what we do. Also, we realize that we are working with people and affecting their lives, families, careers, etc. This requires great responsibility and we take that seriously.

    I greatly appreciate sites like this and questions about our industry. It is imperative to pick the right partner when looking to hire or trying to find the next step in your career. If anyone has any questions about who we are or how we may be able to help, Please call me at 480-609-4864 or email at js@tdg-llc.com.

  3. Josh: As Garth would say; "Excellent! Commentary!" Unfortunately, not many ESF exhibit the professionalism and time that the DeAngelis Group does. Kudos to all of you on your continued success. Hopefully, you are raising the bar in an industry that seems to run amouk. In closing, Party On!

  4. I have been looking at some executive search firms. and they are awesome!!