Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Pull Back the Skin on Inion!

On March 26th, the Finish based company Inion announced that it is finished!!! Kaput! No longer to go on! Unable to secure sufficient funding, Inion is looking for an investor to provide the company with an INFUSE-ion of capital. Yet, Spineblogger wants to know who will bail them out? In all likelihood, if there is any merit to the technology, Stryker would be an ideal candidate (Spine and General Ortho Company). Danek's been there, done that! In addition, the company is not going to succeed with the current CEO and US management team! Expectations must be realistic. Here is another company that did not have enough of a strategic and tactical plan. The word on the street was that they were too conservative with their commissions and the management team was selling futures. Inion also had an Anterior Lumbar Plate and a general orthopaedic line. Spineblogger has heard that at the next AANS and NASS meeting there will be an Auction Hall where industry companies that are floundering will be looking to sell their failing companies to the lowest bidder. Do I hear $5, $5, $5 as a starting bid?

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