Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it New? Is it True and will it make a Difference?

Recently, the Spineblogger was able to speak with industry sources regarding the status of a few companies in the industry. Primarily our discussion centered on the viability of Hydrocision. Let's look at Hydrocision. This company has been around since its inception in 2002/2003. Why is a company that has raised $28MM seem to be having difficulty in developing traction after a six-year run? Even successful Broadway plays eventually close. In December the company fired most of its sales managers, leaving regional sales management in Texas and New Jersey. In addition, there has been rumors that the company is desperately seeking an infusion of capital (AGAIN?) and is experiencing cash-flow problems. So why is this company floundering? Could it be that an inexperienced management team and antiquated board still have not realized that a product needs a billing code so that hospitals can be reimbursed? And who are the usual suspects involved with this organization? Could it be that commissions are mediocre at best for a product that everyone asks; Is it new? Is it true? Does it really make a difference? For some of these members life has passed them by. The consensus seems to be that company leaders have missed the bus a long time ago when they failed to market the technology properly. Maybe one of the Seven Sisters will be able to buy this company for pennies on the dollar. Spineblogger wants to know what you think?

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