Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News? We've Got a Bad Case of Stem Cell Blues!

On Wednesday, the Spine Blogger posted a blog in response to a reader's question whether I could explain the difference between Osteocel (Plus) and Trinity. Much to my surprise, this is a real hot potato of a topic. Based on the response, the Spine Blogger wants to know whether there are their any surgeons that can provide us with their analysis on whether these products are new? true? and, can they make a difference?

Stem cells have become a phenomenal buzz word in our industry. Yet, what are we marketing when we take cancellous bone chips and mix them with demineralized bone? Stem Cells? Think of what it costs to inventory these products. The hospital has to purchase an expensive refrigerator. The OR has to thaw out the product. And in the end, all you are getting is what was stated earlier, cancellous bone chips with demineralized bone! So is this really technology or pure marketing?

The Spine Blogger wants to know whether there is a Doctor in the House? We need to hear from someone with an M.D..... Otherwise why not use Bone Marrow Aspirate and Synthetic Products? Will someone let us know!

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  1. Seriously? Zero comments on this and it's nearly two years old? Maybe the comments will start to flow now that these fake "stem cell" products are beginning to be exposed...