Friday, January 8, 2010

Applied Spine launches New Website!

"Stabilimaxx is a very sophisticated device, but unless deconstructed, it is challenging to explain."
- Ed Durkin, Marketing Consultant -

Hey Ed, this has to be the quote of the year. Not only is Stabilimaxx challenging to explain, it is challenging to manufacture, and it may be challenging to implant! You gotta love our industry. Press Release: Applied Spine Launches New Website. After how many years? 5 ? Applied Spine is at the point of announcing it has launched a new website. Panjabi needs to find the right people to get this product to the market. Thirty Days in the Hole. Could it be possible that by getting the patient involved in an interactive questionnaire, the patient will be able to convince their spine surgeon that they are a candidate for Stabilimaxx. Isn't that the surgeon's job? Oops! TSB forgot, consumer driven healthcare, the future of spine care in America.

Is the spine industry ready to take the next step in advertising where we become like the pharmaceutical companies listing the potential side effects of having back surgery with some of these devices? TSB wants to know what our readers think?

PS: The animations are nice.


  1. It is so challenging to explain that even the FDA needed a few extra months to understand it (Remember the suspended clinical trial???)

    I think the cold CT nights are getting to them. When will Global Warming finally kick in and rescue this company???

  2. "Consumer driven health care" will be passe' if Obamacare gets railroaded through. "Government driven healthcare" anyone? But I digress, this is not a political blog.

    As far as the Stabilimax goes all I can say is "Yikes!" It looks like an engineers' fantasy come true; talk about over-engineering!! Good luck bringing that gizmo to the mainstream market. Did I miss the reams of peer-reviewed literature validating the efficacy of dynamic stabilization? How in the world can you justify the expense of this??

  3. Stabilimaxx or Stabilimax?