Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kabins Sentenced - Justice Served or Just a Joke?

It was reported today that a federal judge sentenced Mark Kabins for his role in the so-called Medical Mafia conspiracy in the City of Lost Wages. Kabins will spend five years on probation with home confinement for the first six months and pay Melodie Simon $3.5 million dollars for medical malpractice which resulted in her paralysis.

Kabins pled guilty last year to misprison of a felony, meaning he knew about the crime being committed but failed to report it. Of course he knew of the crime because he was an accessory and a co-conspirator.

TSB wonders what the Vegas Distributor for Blackstone/Orthofix will do for the next six months while Kabins stews at home. If you know of anyone in Vegas that needs back surgery spread the word, Kabins is a criminal. You know the old saying, what goes around, comes around.


  1. Somehow, this doesn't fit the injury and crime. She's paralyzed and Kabins did whatever he could to screw her and the anesthesiologist. Wtf? I don't care how much plea bargaining he's done, they should've made more of an example out of him.

    1. Kabins sentence should be much more than what he is getting. Home confinement??!! He's grounded (:< WTF! He needs bars in front of him and a urinal behind him if he's lucky. 2 hots and a cot and that's it for a long, long, time.

      Charlotte/S. Fernando

  2. Unfortunately, Judge Quackenbush is not the Judge who should of adjudicated this case. Biased, with a questionable reputation, what did we expect? Kabins will have his day. He will be branded a convicted criminal regardless of the BS "no culpability" legal non-sense by a jury of his peers and people in the industry. No more free handouts for Kabins. Maybe the DOJ will step up its investigation into all the other clowns in Vegas.

  3. As a former practicing physician in Las Vegas I am disgusted. I worked hard there for the better part of 20 years treating my patients as I would treat my family. Las Vegas physicians have had a poor reputation, for some appropriately, but for most unjustly. Why isn't this physicians license revoked?????

  4. Working with Dr. Kabins for over 12 years, I have seen preop patients with decreased ROM and intense pain, postop these same patients are able to perform ADLs with significant improvement in ROM and diminished pain. Kabins is an asset to the LV community, his sentence was fair and his co-workers do not label him a criminal. Physicians - heal thy selves

  5. I too, am a victim of mark Kabins. At this point , I will remain anonymous,
    But that may not last.
    I also nearly lost my life, in the hands of dr Kabins. He performed surgery
    On my neck, front and back.
    When I was brought out of anesthesia, I could not breath. Thank God my husband was there,because all medical staff was insisting that I was fine!
    My husband had to scream at these people that I was coding, and threatened to sue everyone, if they didn't help me! Finally they came running down the hall! to make a long story short, I was in a coma for a week!They had trouble
    Intibating me(opening my airway) they almost gave me a trisciotomy.
    If this wasn't bad enough, I too got a blood clot!
    Kabins treated me like gold, until after his sentencing, and then the last tome I saw him, he treated me like dirt! He was very condescending to me, I. Guess because I kept trying to get answers from him as to what happened to
    Me! He still has not given me an answer! I have never gone through anything
    More horrific in my life! I am also amazed at how he is able to keep such
    An aggressive practice. I have prayed hard for all the patience that have put their lives in his hands. I should have come forward, and probably will, but I was in such bad shape, it took me awhile just to start thinking properly, and I still struggle with memory! I think if anything, his schedule on surgeries should be cut way, way back! I feel like all he cares about is the o'l mighty dollar!
    I was shocked that more wasn't done. By the way,I was released from this hospital 4 days before mr. Fletcher died! I even developed survivors quilt!
    I have never been through such an awful ordeal in my life, and to be treated so horribly by this doctor, after he was off the hook, just made me sick!
    I'm still trying to figure put what happened to me. My family was all very upset!
    They were horrified that I would die! All I wanted was for this doctor to explain what happened to me. He read a report from another Doctor who, I guess was there. But none of what he said, told me what happened. It also told me how detached from his patience he is! I wonder if he shouldn't be tested for
    Drug use, in my opinion. I don't see how he can keep up with his lethal
    Schedule otherwise!How many more people have to die, before this issue
    Is taken more seriously! I know my life will never be the same! I've had to leave a job I loved! and after several months, I'm still in horrible PAIN!
    I wish I never let him touch me! Glad to be alive, but don't ever think I
    will get out of the depression this man has caused me!

  6. I too was one of Dr. Kabins "lab rats" and the man made such a mess of my Lower Lumbar, that surgeons are now looking at it, shaking their heads and wanting to know Who made this mess? And my last visit to Dr. Kabins to get a release, he told me he wouldnt give me one until I kissed him!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Enough - Everyone who options for surgery is told by Kabins -RISKS- including paralysis and death.People who no longer can endure their suffering of immense back pain opt for ELECTIVE (your choice!) surgery. As an RN, I can attest, it's usually not the surgery that induces the complications, it's the aftercare. Kabins is a professional and an enormous asset.

  8. Yeah, he is an ASS-et, thats for sure!!!!

  9. I've known Dr kabins Mark, since 1995. He Pioneered surgery that saved people with impossible damage to themselves like when a building collapsed on a ladiesladies back, anDan a F-15 pilot that crashed and both supposed to nevet be able to walk again, now do. You people expect perfection and this guy has performed Perfection 99.9% of the time. And if you know anything about the government they go after the small people with undue force thst used yo be reserved for the MOB, NOW a regular way of prosecuting that's unconstitutional, because they can alter what the law and how it's displayed. You're no longer innocent until proven guilty you're guilty and lucky if you can ever prove innocence as when the government charges you with a crime, 99% of the time they win, which means they're not playing Fair. Believe you me, he surely was horribly shocked when he had to take the plea that they gave him. This was an enormous punishment against a man who dedicated his entire life and gave 16 hours a day to heal people that had no alternatives. Shame on all of you.