Friday, September 18, 2009

The Blogger Wants to Know What Topics Interest Our Readers?

Like our tag line reads, "the peoples blogsite!" After three months of tracking our hit/reader ratio, the Spine Blogger is humbled by your support. I can report that we are averaging over 3,500 readers every week. We would like to know what topics interest our readers. Is it the behind the scenes blog about what goes on in our industry? Is it the "tongue in cheek" blogs about some of the Usual Suspects in our industry? Would you like to know more about some of the companies in our industry? Is it product information? Let your voices be heard! We are always interested in knowing what rings your bell, or tweets your twitter! Let us know, we value everyone's feedback. Once again, thank you for your support!


  1. Dear Spine Blogger, bearing in mind that not all your readers are in the US, but acknowledging that the rest of the industry follows the US circus, product and company information is gratefully read.

  2. SB,
    Give us a method to communicate to you the things we are "hearing" in a less public way other than via a post to this site. There is a lot of info that could be shared to at least fill in the picture of some of your topics from those that are directly involved.
    How 'bout an email address?

  3. SB -
    To be perfectly candid, I've found your site great for staying abreast of behind the scenes news about companies, people, issues and products, in that order. There are plenty of market news sites that cover press releases, but to me, the real value of your site is the content that does not have marketing spin on it. Thanks and keep it up!