Monday, September 14, 2009

Integra acquires IST Portfolio in FIRESALE!

It was reported on the "wires" that effective Monday, September 14th, 2009 Integra acquired the IST portfolio for $9.25 million in cash! In effect, is this the closing chapter in the storied and stormy relationship of Scott Schorer, Stephen Hochshuler and IST? The question must be asked, whatever happened to $75 million dollars in investor capital, and all that emerging technology that was being touted by Hochshuler's good friend Robin Young?

Like in any acquisition, the acquiring company through a spokesperson was excited about the contents of the portfolio including the minimally invasive system. Yet, in all likelihood the acquisition probably focused on the IP, if it provides any viable opportunities. With an estimated MIS market value of $678 million, how much and how soon will Integra be able to play in that market?

But let's look at the other products. Integra acquired another cervical plate. Is it new, is it true and will it make a difference? No! It acquired the Paramount Cannulated Screw System. Is it really a cannulated screw? No! It would be classified as a cannulated screw tip. Is it new, is it true and will it make a difference? No! The Axient was IST's version of a Dynamic Stabilization System. Yet, many of the OEM's that we talked to discussed the difficulty and cost in manufacturing this device. So the question must be posed, why the acquisition?

With sales of $2.2million in 2008 it is evident that IST took Integra to the cleaners. Now it's time to payout its attorneys and investors. WOW! A negative return on investment now there's great management. The Spine Blogger wants to know what its readers think?

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