Friday, September 18, 2009

So What's Really Going on at US Spine?

The Spine Blogger received a phone call from a source whom discussed what had been heard on the street regarding US Spine. Our source stated that Paul Sendro is currently working as a consultant with a six month contract. All regional managers were terminated along with the educational people. The only managers left are the East and West Coast Managers. Yet, the scuttlebutt is that the Board attempted to displace Doris Blake as the CEO of the company. I guess they must have failed! Whenever there is internal turmoil, the situation does not bode well for an organization. You know what Maximus Aureleus said in Gladiator before the opening battle scene; "What you do in this life echoes for eternity." The Spine Blogger wants to know what our readers have heard?


  1. Supposedly an interim CEO and CFO have been put into place, leaving Doris out in the cold. With all the press releases that have been sent out, this "replacement" seems to have been under the radar.

  2. I too have heard from sources that Doris is no longer running the show & that things are a mess in south florida. I am interested to see how their booth looks at NASS this year and who will be working it since they have let go or lost quite a few people

  3. Duke: In all likelihood if the booth is big and bad, they will be attempting to create