Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scient'X: "Ball of Confusion!"

"Evolution, revolution, round 'n' a round 'n' a round we go, where dynamic stabilization is going nobody knows, just a ball of confusion, that's what the spine industry is today, hey! hey!" No readers, it's not the lyrics to the old Temptations song, it's the state of Dynamic Stabilization. On September 28th, Scient'x, aka, Healthpoint Partners LP, announced it was stepping up its strategic position in effecting a "Dynamic Solution"as a "worldwide leader" for both fusion and non-fusion. I'm a bit confused, how does a company that is estimated to generate $58 million in 2009 be considered a worldwide leader?

Today, the industry is delusional when it spends time self-promoting itself so that some "sucker" will bite at acquiring their company. Scient'x has "struggled" for sixteen years, indicative of their sales. Let me count the ways, Corrance, Seese, Intveld, Brown, Ryan, Huggins, DeNicola and Burkhardt. The company has gone through turmoil and has never exhibited real stability ever since its earlier days. What does it say about its investors and board of directors? How unstable are those characters? Today, the company is led by Oliver Burkhardt. Burkhardt is definitely the ultimate front man when he states that, "there is no other company better equipped to apply the concept of Dynamic Fusion." The baton was passed a long time ago to other companies by Scient'x. Besides, I always thought that the purpose behind flexible rods and dynamic stabilization was not to fuse? Or as a modern day Shakespeare once said; "To fuse or not to fuse, that is the question!"

Word on the street has been that ever since the change in management including the new VP of Sales, there has been much discourse on the street. After so many years in the industry, it is quite difficult to figure out what this company is really all about. I guess if you hire enough of consultants and get some visibility from the podium, anything can happen. The Spine Blogger wants to know what its readers think?

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