Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Preservation of Motion in the Spine

If my memory serves me correctly, April 7th -10th will mark the 6th Anniversary of the Preservation of Motion in the Spine Meeting. When it originally started it was called Preservation of Motion in the Lumbar Spine. My how the worm has turned. Duck Key is a great resort in the Florida Keys that will afford everyone the opportunity to escape reality and spend some time polishing up on their surgical and fishing skills. This meeting has definitely evolved from a boutique meeting to a recognizable academic and surgical skills lab. In addition, the program has added some new surgeons to infuse (is that a commercial plug) some life into the program. Yet, TSB always loves coming to this meeting. The industry gets to experience the wonderful advancements that have been made in motion preservation, along with a first hand look at some of the faux pas' that have been made. Unfortunately, after reviewing the Agenda, the audience will not be treated to Brazilian Samba music as the background to Shakira dancing up and down a stairwell after reconstructive surgery for a failed disc, nor will we have to hear one of the presenters tell the audience that David Paul is a genius (I thought Einstein was a genius). But there is hope. Maybe one of the presenters will bring back the 2001 Space Odyssey music for his presentation on total disc replacement. So fellow readers, pack up your Tommy Bahamawear along with your sandals and catch a flight down to Miami International and don't forget to fill out your disclosure form.


  1. Really? A "recognizable academic and surgical skills lab." Not in the real world outside of the bubble inhabited by industry and surgeon inventors. This is a commercially driven venture first and foremost. Dont try to fool yourself or the readers. Enjoy the sun and fun but dont think you are advancing the field of spine care.

    At the first meeting there was hyperbole about how motion preservation was going to be a cure for back pain. How did that turn out 6 years later? Where is that overwhelming data to support lumbar total discs and dynamic systems? Where are the legions of independent, non-conflicted surgeons believing in this technology?

  2. Remember what the British rock band The Who sang;

    The change it had to come, We knew it all along, We were liberated from the foe, that's all, And the World looks the same, and history ain't changed, Cause the banners, they'd all flown in the last war.

    We won't get fooled again. Finally, someone really understood what TSB was writing about.

  3. I think the technology is worth pursuing, and I have no skin in the game as I am an independent user of Charite...have only done 5 or 6, no failures over 5 years. It's just too darn hard to get them approved.

  4. Love or hate me, just dont ignore me.The meeting is just a vehicle to bring together interesting concepts in a relaxed "friendly" enviorment,where ideas and theories can be argued without formalities of a big meeting.To make it anymore than that is just silly. To TSB ,C'Ya in the keys Ihope you enjoy this years program(BTW we added MIS)

  5. A logical consequence of Hippocrates' rule to do no harm is that one should not do surgeries for which one does not master the salvage procedure. For discs, especially the ones with big metal protrusions in the vertebrae, a satisfactory salvage procedure still does not exist. In consequence, an increasing number of desperate patients are shopping literally all over the world to find the one surgeon who is willing to take their disc(s) out, with little success. Should they find one, chances are they cannot afford the cost, as because of the failed surgery they have no work.

    Doctorbackbone, instead of bringing together interesting concepts in a relaxed atmosphere, where theories and ideas can be argued over a cocktail or during a massage, you guys should be working 24/7 to figure out how to salvage the train wrecks that have resulted from the previous relaxed meetings. Leave MIS for another time, and focus on the MISSES, the introduction of a lemon law for motion preservation, and crash courses on "Curb your Arrogance". Future patients will be grateful.

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