Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kabins Rolls the Dice and Comes Up Snake Eyes

TSB could hear Dr. Mark Kabins singing the Irving Berlin hit Blue Skies. Blue skies are smiling at me, yes siree, nothing but blue skies that's all that he sees. On March 7th, the Las Vegas Journal reported that one of NASS' finest, Dr. Mark Kabins, agreed to pay $800,000 to settle a slander lawsuit filed against him by an anesthesiologist. Obviously, the Nevada judicial system, which is completely broken, allowed him to settle with absolutely no admissions made as part of the settlement, and it was another vehicle to give Dr. Kabins closure. How long is the judicial system in this state and country going to pander to white collar criminals, no less one that hides behind the identity of a medical doctor? As part of his punishment, the government should have made Kabins spend the next twenty years walking the Strip in Vegas wearing his Civil War Costume carrying an advertisement placard for the Crazy Horse Lounge.

In addition to this lawsuit, the physician that Dr.Kabins made false and defamatory statements about his competancy, is looking to proceed in a lawsuit against John Thalgott, another well know Las Vegas contemporary. Obviously, Kabins, the model citizen, has also agreed to pay his victim another $3.5 million to avoid prison time.

Surely NASS must be proud of the behavior and shenanigans of two of its finest. POD's, Consultancies, Conspiracies, who knows what awaits our industry next? TSB wants to know what our readers think? Come on someone has to have some insight, it seems every time TSB posts something about Vegas, it stays in Vegas.


  1. I know nothing about this case other than what's in your post and I am not an attorney. However, I thought slander was a civil matter as opposed to criminal. Therefore, the case would have been brought by the anesthesiologist in civil court. If it was settled, the anesthesiologist would have been the one to agree to the settlement, no? It would have nothing to do with the government and jail and the judicial system going easy on white collar criminals. My humble apologies if I am missing something.

  2. IMHO without knowing what TSB inferred, as a native Las Vegan I believe that the civil suit was a result of the criminal behavior that took place in this conspiracy. TSB was just alluding to the criminal behavior by this band of surgeons in the initial settlement between the government and Kabins