Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Mornings Scratch Sheet on NuVasive

This past weekend figured to be a relatively quiet one, when all of a sudden on Friday TSB felt like I was at the first race at Santa Anita, and "the race for first place" was back on. Of course "The Race for First Place" is this years spine industry version of the of the run for the roses. Back in November and December there was angst and skepticism amongst the investment community when word circulated that NUVA had some reimbursement issues for its thoroughbred, XLIF.

Within days, there were analysts conference calls by NuVasive to quell rumors that the race for first place had not suffered a setback. Within days of Lukianov's calls, analysts held there own conference calls, and also conferred with a reimbursement specialist. Though the track had gotten a bit muddy, there is no doubt that through it all, NuVasive exhibited that it can be considered a mudder. The Judge for this race against time was the insurance companies that were questioning XLIF. Hedging their bet on their thoroughbred, NuVa was able to cover by having NASS, the spine industry's version of the Racing Commission, step in and clarify what XLIF is, or is not. By enlisting NASS' help, Lukianov was betting that his horse would not be out of the money. Considering that he pulled out all stops, Lukianov is parlaying his bet that he will finish 2010 at no worse than fourth place. The morning line for this money rider is $40 per share.

Now that the inquiry is over, its post time for NuVa. The question must be asked of our readers, will NuVa be able to step up to the gate and run with the other thoroughbreds in our industry? The track conditions have been firmed up by Friday's news, the question is whether the jockey can continue to spin his magic on XLIF, or, is he wishing for a race that he can't win? Besides, Lukianov would look cute in purple and silver silks. We'll find out by Wednesday if there was any truth to a rumor that something's happening at Apatech. TSB wants to know what our readers think?


  1. Well written - very entertaining.
    However, can you please write about how this thoroughbred has scars all over it from being beaten over and over again for years and riddin into the ground?
    Where or what happened to all its winnings?
    What is in the stable?
    How can such an amazing horse squander such a great lead?
    Mismanagement, the Jockey is drunk on the smell of roses won long ago?
    When will the race darlings be exposed?
    I will no longer place bets on that pony, great out of the gate... but it is a long race.

  2. Sounds like the above poster ate a nice horse manure sandwich by being short on NUVA.

    Can you please enlighten us about the scars and lost leads and what needs to be exposed?

  3. Nuvasive built a company on an invented procedure to sell neuro-monitoring systems that didn't do anything better and couldn't realize reimbursment.

    At the end of the day, it's the same old graft with a whole lot of sizzle going on.

    Did they invest wisely and get the rest of their systems up and going or did a lot of people make a lot of money already?

    Masterpiece of smoke and mirrors, good show though!