Friday, November 13, 2009

2009 NASS Overview.

To our avid readers, TSB would like to know what our readers thought about NASS? Who were the companies that shined? Who were the companies that whined? And, most of all, who were the companies that dined?

In addition, which products did you think were cool and innovative? Which products did you think were going to make a difference in the lives of many patients? This is your chance to let the industry know what industry professionals like yourselves think! Considering that TSB has many patients that follow our blog, this would be a welcome service.

We look forward to your commentary! Save travels and to a successful close to a tumultuous year!


  1. Overall, a big fat yawn. The only truly new and innovative product I saw was the minimally invasive saw for stenosis surgery. As the target audience (=surgeons) on the floor were far outnumbered by corporate, Wall street and regulators' suits, not too many people noticed. Add to this the hohum quality of the scientific program and the questions needs to be asked: is there a reason to hold this meeting again next year other than taking the wife and kids to Disney World?

  2. The scientific presenters were not well informed; particularly the presentations on stem cells. These meetings were standing room only with people standing completely around the room. The speakers used a point counter point/ pro con format, which were very not well researched. There were several companies on the floor that were displaying results of stem cells in posterior lumbar fusions. Could it be that the presenters were so beholden to the BMPs manufactures that they did not want to bite the hand that feeds them. Extremely disappointing, these are the leaders in the field? Let’s hope next year it won’t be so Mickey Mouse!