Saturday, November 14, 2009

2010 NASS - A Preview!

In the spirit of having some fun, after an arduous (do your feet hurt from all that standing?) yet boring week at NASS, TSB has some ideas to spruce up the 2010 NASS Meeting. TSB is not ready to divulge our identity. What we suggest is that many of the "early-growth to mid-cap" companies have their own meeting, considering that "spineless" NASS continues to pander to the Spine Cartel. Do you need a NASS representative coming to your booth on the last day with one hour left to the show asking, "what can we do different?" "Was this a good meeting for you?"

If our readers, and industry professionals are willing to pony up a fee, TSB envisions opening the 2010 NASS Meeting with a Bon Jovi (for the right price with no scheduling conflict) Concert. Now that would be an opening reception! You think NASS would give something back to us after all the money that we have invested in a self-serving organization, and all the surgeons that have been bought and paid for. Who said medicine can't be fun? Doctors are not interested in looking at more "me too" products. They walk around like zombies after the first day, either hung over, having slept in, or have brought their girlfriends to the show, and end up paying nothing more than lip service to you because the powers to be at NASS ask them to. Based on what one of our readers stated, this meeting is starting to become a yawn, while another hoped that next year's meeting will not be Mickey Mouse like! NASS is only interested in taking your exhibitor fees and finding sponsors for breakfast, lunch or a computer kiosk, and rather than spending an inordinate amount of money for a 20'x20' or 10'x10' booth you could donate part of that money to charity and a night of partying. TSB will be willing to allow all participating companies to have a 6' table to hawk your 'wares for two hours prior to the concert. That's right my fellow spineophiles, we could take back this meeting from the Usual Suspects that have made this a unproductive and self-serving meeting!

TSB will have a virtual booth at the 2010 NASS Meeting. No one will be at the booth except for four 72" Samsung flat screens that will have a live blog updating all our readers on the meeting in real time. We will have roving reporters, bringing together investors and companies looking for capital. As a source of entertainment, we will be hiring a half-a-dozen Victoria Secrets Models that will be walking the floor passing out ( for our new, in the works website) t-shirts.

In the event you become tired and irritable, TSB will accommodate attendees by offering a massage area in the center or our booth, by appointment only! There will be a complimentary wine bar and hors d'oeuvres. In closing, that would be a meeting worth attending, until then, its back to the grind on Monday. TSB wants to know what are readers think?

"We weren't born to follow, Come on and get up off your knees, When life is a bitter pill to swallow, You gotta hold on to what you believe, Believe that that the sun will shine tomorrow, and that's a saints and sinners pleas, we weren't born to follow, You gotta stand up for what you believe!"


  1. I'm in if you replace Bon Jovi with Ted Nugent or Foghat....

  2. Foghat? wow, talk about going back. What about Jethro Tull or Kansas?

    As far as the booth, I think I will need some martinis to get through it next year. And how about an old fashioned voting booth where you have to register on Spineblogger to get a vote for the best technology, the most complicated technology invented in order to solve a simple problem award, the best scientific paper presentation and the most obviously "bought" scientific presentation.

  3. NASS has gone supernova and is now a black hole. Its off-label promotion to call it 'the latest in spine education, research and innovation.'

    Who doesn't like Bon Jovi? The wives, girlfriends and local strippers are sure to come in droves. And you can't have a party without the ladies.

  4. TSB, you've got it, back to the future is the way to go! For a while ISSLS had taken over the torch from the last pre-Danek NASS in 1994. Attendees that actually needed to demonstrate they do at least some research. 6' wagons, excuse me, tables, circling the food left in stacked boxes for all attendees. ISSLS began its slide when it felt it needed to congegrate in expensive places such as NYC and Bergen, and started to allow booths to raise more cash. Uggh! SAS didn't pick up the banner and has been worse than NASS from the word go. So, let's fight for a while about which band, and than execute. Bon Jovi may be too wild for Mickey and Minney. I'd say Orlando requires Elton John and Billy Joel, so we all sleep well and don't get drunk.

  5. I would be OK with Tull or Kansas or even the Doobie Brothers....But instead of martinis, I think you serve PBR and Jack. Ya gotta go grass roots...

  6. TSB is the GoDaddy of the spine world!
    Please, just don't put Ms. Buttner-Janz in those tight leather outfits.

    Mike M - We can't have Foghat and PBR at the meeting because we don't need more inbreeding in our industry.

  7. NASS should be fun. They are 12M$ in debt. The Marketing Manager will be handing out favors to the biggest donors in exchange for access to top Doctors. Maybe he should do some jail time..