Monday, November 23, 2009

Orthofix Hangs its Hat on Trinity

On Monday, November 23, reported on Orthofix International's rebound, despite last year's setbacks caused by their acquisition of Blackstone Medical and the loss of their distribution agreement with Osiris. The company's third quarter revenues outperformed the analysts' prediction of $133 million.

Our readers must admit that this organization has done a tremendous job in distancing itself from Blackstone, and is making the effort to market its products with its own brand image. Don't look back in your rearview mirror. Orthofix is predicting that Trinity Evolution will grow revenue by as much as $100 million.

As inquisitive as our readers and TSB are, we must ask the question: "How viable is stem cell technology? Is this truly new technology or just another spin on something old? And, how many viable mesenchymal cells are there in the product?

If this company has proven one thing, it is that if you have the financial acumen to renegotiate your debt, even Lazarus can come back from the dead! PS: Word on the Street is that the OIG is coming after the "Three Amigos!"


  1. Now amongst your credentials is......DOJ investigator!!

    3 Amigos, this is old news, they didnt touch much, that's why companies have minions like TSB, go fetch the paper and take out the trash. Not much leads back to kansas on this; management may get blasted.

  2. Having a bad day? Having a bad life? What can I say you're entitled to your opinion.

  3. Any insight on Nuvasive reimbursement issues on XLIF or legal matters? There is an unexplained stock collapse; dropped nearly $8 since Thursday.

  4. I believe that there was a report that NUVA could potentially be faced with reimbursement issues.. Supposedly, AETNA, Cigna and United Healthcare are questioning reimbursements on this device/procedure. Stay tuned!

  5. The orthofix stock went from the 60's to the single digits! Yes, they have rebounded to about half of what they once were, but wow, what a spectacular fall! Did you read all the criticisms of the company and management that were outlined during the whole Ramius debacle?

  6. Does anyone have a list of all the Orthofix distributors? Please let me know.
    Thank you

  7. Wow, talk about thread jacking...

    Was there ever an answer to this question?

    I'm a new rep in the industry and brand new to Orthofix/TE, and I am learning so much going through this blog. Getting opinions on this product specifically would be helpful to truly understand what it is I'm trying to sell, so I am posing the question again --

    What's the word on the street with stem cells? How does TE compare to Osteocel Plus? Would an Isto InQu or Etex EquivaBone be superior?