Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cervical Care: Your Opinion Counts!

What do the following products have in common?

Synergy Disc Cervical TDR Synergy Disc Replacement Inc.
Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc (LDR)
PCM-V Porous Coated Motion with V Teeth (NuVasive)
NuNec Artificial Cervical Disc (Pioneer Surgical)
M6-C Artificial Disc (Spinal Kinetics)

They were all contestants in the Motion Preservation Category on Monday night. So how did the panel judge these devices? Did the panel and voters consider the overall system design which would include the implant and the instruments? TSB must say that each contestant substantiated their product by claiming to preserve segmental stability and flexibility to prevent further degeneration at adjacent levels. So what makes one disc better than the other? Considering that there isn't much retrospective data comparing the use of one system versus another, how do we know which is the best? So in order to judge these products vis-a-vis a real democratic process, TSB wants our readers to let our readers know which products deserve recognition. After your comments, TSB will let you know the winners.


  1. Not that brand is everything, but who is Synergy Disc Replacement Inc.? I've heard of about 100 spinal device companies and I never heard of Synergy Disc Replacement Inc. How did this seemingly random company get nominated??? Suspicious.

  2. Synergy is located in Arizona. That's all I know since I didn't want to be conspicuous while at the Awards, Dinner. I will get you more information.

  3. Some of these may never make it on the market in the U.S. In terms of overall efficacy to preserve segmental stability and prevent further adjacent segment disease, only carefully scrutinized clinical results over time will tell. Chances are the best device could vary from person to person depending on disease progression, anatomy, etc...

  4. M Snyder: Thanks for the great commentary! Obviously, the industry needs a realistic analysis when it comes down to many of the products in development. Hopefully, some of the non-sense that our readers are subjected to will change with time. Keep on reading, and let your voice be heard!

  5. I love when people say that new devices need "carefully scrutinized clinical results". I would love to see those on current fusion devices that are implanted every single day.

  6. i just came home surgery with c 5/6 and 6/7 with mobi c adr . the pain reliefed immedaitely but expirience new pain on my left arm , Dr explained the pain is due to the muscle stress during surgery and will go off within a week or more . hopefully it does

    complaints c 5/6 n c6/7 dicc compression ( nerinated disc)
    pain all the time on right arm n shoulder