Monday, November 9, 2009

Spine Technology Awards Tonight's the Night!

TSB would like to remind our readers that if you haven't purchased your tickets, tonight is the night of the Spine Technology Awards. This inaugural event will be held at The Place Hotel. The Palace is the grand dame of San Francisco hotels. This hotel was designed as an American counterpart to the grand hotels of Europe. The hotel survived the great earthquake of 1906.

Tonight is the night that the "Who's Who of Spine" will be in attendance for this extravaganza. TSB will be in attendance, and if not hungover, will attempt to do a live feed incognito. Who knows maybe Billy Bush may even show up with Access Hollywood. The Master of Ceremony is Robin Young. Though he is not the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso (who ironically stayed at the hotel in 1906) he will do his best to sing the praises of those individuals, companies and technologies that receive the prestigious Tiffany (we hope) award.

The categories include; Cervical Care, Lumbar Care, Motion Preservation, Biomaterials, Diagnostics and Imaging, MIS, Pain Management, and Emerging Technologies. There are only eight hours and counting until the show goes on! TSB would like to know what technologies and devices strike are readers fancy? PS: Great rooms at The Palace! See you there!


  1. Almost none, and those that do probably are not represented. The whole gathering strikes me as an inflated self congratulatory exercise with very little meaning. Congress dances while Napoleon escapes.

  2. TSB- Please offer the live feed for those of us not ponying up to attend this royal affair. I doubt they will break into Monday Night Football to let us know. It will be most informative to know what the movers and shakers of the industry view as the most innovative products. As said by 100%Fused- are those products even there. You tell us TSB.