Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah to Our Readers!

To my fellow readers, on behalf of those that contribute to what's been heard on the Street, TSB would like to wish you and your loved ones, a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and healthy and happy New Year. As TSB approaches the celebration of its first anniversary in early 2010, we are feverishly working on new ideas.

With over 50,000 hits and 8,200 returning readers in November we continue to be humbled by your interest in our blog site. TSB believes that everyone of our readers is entitled to their opinion with the intent that democracy will rule. As controversial as some topics have been, we hope that our forum has provided an outlet for The People that make a difference in the industry. Many times all we hear are the management talking heads and analysts telling everyone that everything is wonderful, and who wouldn't be if you were attempting to manipulate the market and your financial interests. TSB wouldn't expect it otherwise. In some respects our blog site will keep some of the industry's Usual Suspects honest that probably cast this forum as an agent in provocation.

In closing, please remember that we are fortunate to work in spine. We are afforded an opportunity to earn a great living while being part of an industry that actually provides a social and medical utility (or as Lloyd Blankfein would say, we are doing God's work) hopefully enhancing the patient's quality of life. As you open presents during this Chanukah and Christmas season reflect not only on how much money you have made, but on how we can better the industry, and the world in 2010. Once again, we appreciate the anonymous e-mails regarding industry news and look forward to seeing you down the road in 2010! PEACE!


  1. Santa Claus is coming to town!
    He's making a list,
    He's checking it twice,
    He's gonna find out
    who's naughty or nice.

    Have a Merry Christmas TSB.