Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To All Our Readers

Recently, TSB has received a rash of "Anonymous" comments from various readers expressing their dismay of certain individuals at companies that have been in our blog. Even though this site was created as a platform to express "what has been heard on the street," TSB would encourage our readers to express themselves in an intelligent manner.

We are proud that our blog has provided the industry with a forum like no other platform, where your voice can be heard, and does count. Unfortunately, if this continues TSB will have to dis-enable Anonymous! Once again, thanks for your support and keep reading!



  1. This has to be one of the most hypocritical posts ever. You are the anonymous one. If you want transparency then you should stop blogging anonymously yourself.

  2. Anonymous: Basically, we are asking people to identify themselves by a moniker so that we can differentiate who is posting what. On second thought.........look at whom is calling the kettle black "Anonymous!" Duh................. Thanks for your comments and keep reading!

  3. MedtronicMan would like to survey community if more information is available about MDT management changing/eliminating commissions on cerain product lines. Our managers are being very coy on the information. Any comments appreciated?