Monday, December 28, 2009

The Readers Poll

In closing out 2009 and bringing in the New Year, TSB would like to poll our readers for their feedback on which blogs hit home. This poll can be construed as a referendum by our readers to measure which blogs were topics of interest during the past year. The rationale for the blogspot was to provide the people a platform where your voices can be heard. Your vote counts. Once again thanks for your support and to a successful and prosperous New Year.


  1. TSB - as I've stated before, I think your Blog is superb. In my opinion, the blogs that hit home the most were in the following order of preference:

    1) Blogs dealing with spine industry trends and evolution of changing market place dynamics.

    2) Blogs dealing with spine industry specific businesses - of these rumor mills are my least favorite but I still enjoy reading them.

    3) Blogs dealing with Healthcare reform and the impact on the spine and orthopedics industry.

    4) Blogs specifically trashing certain people.

  2. TSB, I agree, the blog is an excellent resource as well as being very informative. As stated above, trends and market dynamics when available are very interesting. I don't mind the rumor mill on this blog as most prove to be true as I believe most input here is from mature spine professionals.
    Please continue to "rat out" the "rats" every chance you get, whether from manufacturing, distribution or the surgeon population. Nobody else is going to do it.

  3. TSB:
    I agree with the 2 anonymous comments above. What matters most to me, though, is how TSB is occasionally the moral compass, reminding anyone who cares to read that there is a higher purpose to this work. I sense that it's more than simply disgust for the greed and the depths to which so many will stoop that keeps you motivated to churn out this blog. It's easy for so many of us to get caught up chasing the dangling Benjamins. Problem is we end up pointing our fingers at others -- payers, device companies and their reps, the government, investors, hospitals, doctors, litigious patients and their lawyers -- and demand our piece of the pie. Why not? It's the American dream, right? I'm sure that few to none of us want a true paradigm shift overnight. That would be too painful. So, TSB, instead of (or at least in addition to) the much appreciated insider news and oversight, would you be able to take your knowledge of Pandora's box and offer some suggestions as to how we can improve our reimbursement, revenue and patient tug-of-war while realizing the American dream? And before the government chokes what life's left out of our healthcare system? By the way, one of the Pixar short movies I recently saw with my family seems appropriate, One Man Band. Hypothetically, the little girl could represent a patient with a bit of money and a wish to get better. We are two doctors (or companies, payers,...) desperate to get the coin. Ironically the girl finds her own answer when pushed.

    Thank you for taking the time to put this blog out. You obviously care about more than just gossip. Happy New Year!

  4. Of most importance is the uncovering and exposure of those individuals and companies that prefer conducting business in the dark of night. Please continue revealing the rats. We must cleanse our industry.
    Twenty years ago when I started, competing sales reps and companies competed on product strengths and salesmanship. Today we have dipped to a new low. Now it's "what slimy scheme can I invent to grab business"; from doctor pay outs to doctors owning a portion of a distributorship. Most recently an owner of a hospital became a spine implant distributor. Guess what spine implant the attending doctors use? How do you say conflict on interest?
    Keep up the excellent work uncovering these individuals and companies.