Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NASS November 10-14, 24 and Counting!

On November 10th, the 24th annual North American Spine Society meeting will take place in San Francisco. Oh, I could hear Tony Bennett singing in the background........It is quite evident that we will be missing the presence of a few hardware companies, R.I.P. Yet, we will also be introduced to a few new players, some hardware and some software (biologics) companies. It will be interesting to see whether the Spine Cartel, aka Medtronic, DePuy, Synthes, NuVasive, Globus, and Zimmer continue to carry the torch exhibiting the largest per square foot booths that the industry has seen. Will the industry scale back on entertainment based on what transpired at the AAOS this year, or will we be defiant? Who knows, maybe we will have a few "federalis" walking around in disguise, evaluating what is going down at some of the booths?

TSB can inform our readers that if the timing is right, we should have at least one company announce that it is being sold, it's the law of averages. But the question always remains "will the price be right, or, will it be another fire sale?" Obviously, there will be plenty of rumor and innuendo. There will probably be many more early-growth stage companies evaluating the potential of developing an alliance or partnering with those whose portfolio's will compliment and allow them to sustain their existence. Cash is tight!

So polish up those shoes, press those shirts, suits, and dresses, and get ready for four or five days in the greatest city in America. " I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill, it calls for me, to be where little cable cars, climb half way to the stars......." PS: Book a table at Chez Panisse over in Berkeley, the Zuni Cafe or Aqua's.


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