Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Stryker Corporation learned today that a federal grand jury in the District of Massachusetts has returned an indictment charging Stryker Biotech and certain former employees with wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the FDA, distribution of misbranded devices and false statements to the FDA.

The company is disappointed (Wow! what an understatement) and they hope to resolve this in a fair and just matter. Let's see if Stryker can buy their way out of this one with Ned Lipes testifying in front of a Senate Investigation Panel with Chris Christie helping them out by referring his mentor to represent the company. Conviction of these charges could lead to a significant monetary fine. Stryker Biotech could also be excluded from participating in federal and state healthcare programs which could adversely affect their business.

As a matter of policy, Stryker will not have any comment on these allegations. Why are the foot soldiers going to jail when they probably were following orders. TSB wants to know who ordered the Code Red?

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  1. From what I heard (all heresy) a while ago and I can't remember from whom, Mgmt at one Sales Mtg was up on stage showing/telling how to mix OP-1 with Calstrux. Can you say Off-Label Promotion