Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phantom Product, Phantom Company, U.S. Spine

Recently, OTW published an article on the launch of U.S. Spine's Phantom Plus interbody devices. But this blog is not about more "me too" products flooding a "zero-sum" market because there is nothing innovative about the product, and it is evident by this article, a lot of confusion exists at this company.

So the question must be asked; "Is Paul Sendro really the Messiah, or, is he the Vice-President of Sales and Marketiing, or, is he really a consultant? Can anyone at this company get their story and act together? To quote one of our sources, "how can you be in two places at once without being any place at all? The answer is, U.S. Spine.

If the confusion lies in U.S. Spine's inability to offer Sendro a palpable employment contract, what does that say about the company? How long has he been there? Many of these early-growth stage companies get themselves in trouble because they really do not possess the necessary skills to take their venture beyond a certain point. How interesting is it that the organization would tender Sendro a board seat as a consultant? I guess our industry is always setting new precedents. If Doris Blake believes that the company is primed for tremendous growth, why would she need Sendro? With his reputation and past affiliations, there are many more talented people in the industry.

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