Friday, October 16, 2009

Walter Reed Medical Center: A Breedng Ground for Future Medtronic Consultants

If our illustrious government officials, aka Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) were truly interested in doing the spine market justice, all they need to do is drive down to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC and review purchase orders to really see the financial interest that Medtronic has at this facility.

TSB is not going to name names, but for those of you that have attempted to sell or have sold in the Washington DC area, taking a shot at getting your business into this facility is like taking a shot at breaking into Fort Knox. Let's face facts, Medtronic has used this facility as a breeding ground. TSB does not have to change the names to protect the innocent. This has been going on for many years. We know who you are!

The unfortunate result of this investigation is that it does not go back far enough to implicate those that have served their time working for the government that have reaped the financial benefit of aligning themselves with Medtronic. How absurd is it that highly educated individuals develop a sudden lapse in memory, or deflect the blame on some perceived bureaucratic flaw? If it was some drugged out, alcoholic bum, TSB would give them the benefit of the doubt, but an educated surgeon, mind boggling. Is there no honor amongst thieves?

In response to the ongoing promotional work being done by spine surgeons across the country, TSB suggests that at this years meeting NASS mandates that all surgeons' working as a consultant or having a vested interest in any company must wear a shirt with each company's logo so that we don't have to waist our time talking to them. It would make life a lot simpler! TSB wants to know what our readers think?


  1. MM, that T-shirt is one of the more lucid ideas I've heard in a while. But what to do with the 'multiples'? Put on T-shirt over T-shirt? Some surgeons will look like the Michelin man. Maybe having iron-on logos and white T-shirts at the registration desks works better.

  2. I thought they should be like golf professionals, you know the company that pays the most gets their name on the front of the baseball hat, then they could have another sponsor on the sides, on the back of the shirt, on the chest, on the sleeves..... Just imagine what Zdeblick, Yuan, Hochshuler, Wang, Vaccaro, would look like. It would be pretty funny.

  3. The latter would look more like NASCAR drivers than professional golfers.